Dr. Alexander Wulf

Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

University of Rostock
Albert-Einstein-Straße 27
18059 Rostock

Room: 311
Phone: (+49) 381 498 6490
Fax: (+49) 381 498 6502
alexander.wulf at uni-rostock.de

Tasks and Projects:

  • Head of the physical chemistry laboratory courses "Physikalische Chemie IIB" and "Physikalische Chemie IIIB" in undergraduate studies as well as "Grundlagen der Physikalischen Chemie" for teaching students
  • Further Teaching:
    • Seminar for laboratory course "PC IIB" (every WS, 2 SCH)
    • Seminar for laboratory course for teaching students (every SS, 1 SCH)
    • Laboratory course "Analytische und Physikalische Chemie für MBT" (every SS)
  • Officer for occupational safety and fire protection for department of physical chemistry, first aider and fire protection assistant
  • Subject advisor for chemistry undergraduate and graduate studies as well as chemistry teaching
  • ERASMUS+-Coordinator of chemistry institute
  • Technical support of laboratories in the Ludwig working group
  • Scientific support for students in method and research internship
  • Vibrational spectroscopy of molecular and ionic liquids and mixtures