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Research Group in November 2019.


Research Interests:

  • Anomalies, structure, and dynamics of water and aqueous solutions
  • Properties of ionic liquids
  • Hydrogen-bonded networks
  • Hydration of ions, bio- and organic molecules
  • Hydrophobic effects
  • Influence of temperature, pressure, and additives on the aggregation behaviour of organic molecules and on the structure of biomolecules
  • Mechanistic understanding of catalytic reactions
  • Prediction of macroscopic properties on the basis of molecular interactions


Methods & Research

Malente 2022


Prof. Dr. Ralf Ludwig

University of Rostock
Institute of Chemistry
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Room: 308
Albert-Einstein-Straße 27
18059 Rostock

Phone: +49-(0)381-498-6517
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ralf.ludwig at uni-rostock.de

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Sabine Kindermann

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